Happy weekend!

It's funny how, even though in my job weekends don't really mean much, I still feel different on a Friday—the weekend always feels filled with possibilities. I guess that's what 18 years of school weeks will do to you.

What are you up to this weekend, dear readers? Any fun plans? Tonight I'm seeing L'Etoile across the plaza at New York City Opera. I'm excited for a night of frothy fun, and to hear the acoustics in the newly restored theater. Tomorrow I'll be at work for most of the day working the Hamlet HD broadcast (Have you bought your tickets yet?), and then I'm fairly certain I will want a nice cocktail afterward. On Sunday I'm getting together with My Gay Husband to see Un prophete at the Angelika, and then we're having a mini college reunion with another friend, who has the enviable position of playing viola in the Honolulu Symphony. Sounds beachy and divine, doesn't it?

I'll be back to blogging on Monday, but I leave you with some linky goodness for your weekend:

Read The Happiness Project. First, because it's a great and interesting book. Second, because I'll be blogging about it next week, and you don't want to feel left out, do you? I, of course, read it on my Kindle.

Guess which city ranked #1 IN THE WORLD for Quality of Living?

John Caird, whom I've assisted twice in the past year, has written a book on directing. He's also written an article on his top 10 survival tips for being a director. I couldn't agree more with #5 especially (just replace the word "actors" with "singers").

And while we're on tips for directors, I also love this (even if I don't agree with every single rule).

The WienerLover shared this video on Facebook. I can't get enough of it. I think The Bossy Cat would love an orangutan friend, don't you?

And, just because they make me happy, a couple new pictures:

The Bossy Cat under the covers in bed. Wish I could see it in person.

This was supposed to be a picture of our sunburns,
but it turned out so well that now it's one of my favorite pictures of us.
That's our crappy apartment building in the background, if you're wondering.


  1. I can't believe Houston isn't #1. Hmm

  2. Bad link alert. Your Caird article link doesn't work, but i found it anyway.

  3. Thanks, Mama. I had written some bad code. It's corrected now.

    Tara: I know, RIGHT? :)

  4. I really liked the tips for opera directors. They covered a lot of my pet peeves.

  5. Great post - and good to hear from you. BossyCat looks too cute for words...

    My weekend is spent opening/closing a show and driving back towards home - when do you get to go back to Houston "for awhile"?

  6. I'm seeing Hamlet in the house with my grandsons on April 9, I think it's the final performance. Are you available to say hello either that day, or after our back stage tour the day before?

    I loved the HD transmission today. I had seen the dvd and thought this looked even better. Petersen did a really nice job, coming right after her run in Vienna.

    I have another short week in NYC the end of April and then I'm done with live opera - well no, I still have a couple in Boston, but mostly done until fall as I have no summer plans this year.

    I'm packing up a 10 room house, what's left of it, this weekend to move to a 6 room condo in the middle of the week, so I was glad to have the HD today to break up the packing monotony!

    Kathy Boyce

  7. Kathy: I'm so glad you enjoyed the HD broadcast—I was very pleased with how it turned out. It will be fun to see how the experience of seeing it live compares for you! I would love to say hello after the show or at intermission when you come. Email me at littlemsbossyblog at gmail.com and we can make plans. Good luck with your big move!

    Ann: I'll be back in Houston April 12, and I'm SO ready!


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