Food, glorious food

My body appears to be going through withdrawal. All the signs are there: lack of energy, headaches, mood swings, trouble concentrating, and a whole lot of night sweats and heart palpitations (okay, maybe I made up those last two). It's obvious what's going on; I'm just not sure what specifically is causing the withdrawal. See, I haven't had any of the following since last weekend: processed sugar, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, caffeine, red meat, fried foods, pasta, bread, or (and this is the one that really hurts—EMOTIONALLY, I mean) cheese. And surveying that list, I'm realizing it pretty much encompasses EVERYTHING I was eating up until that point.

I'm trying this cleanse thingy that I read about in Women's Health. I did it primarily (full disclosure) not for lofty reasons of health and well being, but because I would like to be skinnier (bathing suit season in Houston already began a month ago). But now that I feel my body reacting so strongly to it, I'm starting to think I needed it. You know, for health and well being.

And despite needing a nap in the afternoon (which I totally have time for at the moment), I'm actually kind of enjoying it. I'm eating things I generally never make for myself, like vegetables and lean meats and quinoa (isn't that the best word ever?). I'm preparing all my meals at home, which means that buying up tons of fresh organic veggies is actually HELPING my bank account. And the one thing I was sure I would feel: the dreaded CRAVINGS, I actually haven't at all. Call me crazy, but I so look forward to my "healthy" snacks: a crunchy apple with natural peanut butter (the kind with only one ingredient), or my new favorite—half a sweet potato mashed up with cinnamon and a few chopped pecans, topped with nonfat Greek yogurt.

This isn't going to last forever. There are some aspects of it that will not always be compatible with my life (ahem, no alcohol consumption). But for the moment I'm giving healthy living a try.

And just waiting for the uncontrollable tremors to stop.


  1. Congratulations on the healthy living regimen! Good guide lines, I'm sure.
    As I near 86 years, I'm pleased to remember I've had similar lists a lot of the time (not always followed!). Maybe some of it worked!
    You look so radiant and young to me that I've got to know you're doing
    something right! Love you and your blog! Grandma

  2. Wow... that's a pretty hardcore diet change... I wish you the best of luck. I'm looking forward to some time off so I can cook real food... yum!

    No more microwave meals... for awhile.


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