Craving the cute

It's opening night tonight (yay!), which means I get a few days off to go to Houston (double yay!!) where the weather forecast says it's going to be gloriously warm and sunny for my whole visit (triple yay!!!). After a rough week of rain and umbrella-destroying wind gusts (seriously, if it hadn't been so windy I would have taken pictures of the streets littered with dozens of sad umbrella carcasses), I am more than ready for the sun.

And for the cuteness that goes with it. I'm itching for a shopping spree. I want to wallow in floral sundresses with cotton cardigans in shades of pink and yellow, ballet flats and a-line skirts, subtly embellished t-shirts with straight-leg jeans. My orange bag is feeling too big and all wrong; I need something in a pale metallic just big enough for my Kindle and a wallet. And wispy hand-dyed scarves to go with everything.

And if it must MUST rain, I would like to be wearing this coat.

Pretty please?

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  1. Yay for good weather while home! And congrats on opening as well.

    As always, you have impeccable taste. You should definitely get that coat.

    And speaking of said coat, is that Hermione??


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