I survived the Great Blizzard of '10

I actually had the audacity to tell CM this morning that I didn't think the snow would much affect me, seeing as I wasn't driving in it, just taking the subway everywhere. I believed it, too. Despite the fact that my winter hat and my snow boots were both conveniently packed in the box that hasn't arrived yet, I left my apartment happily after optimistically putting on makeup and straightening my hair.

Fast forward to 40 minutes later, when I finally arrive at the street corner where I've arranged to meet the Wise Soprano, a street corner, I might add, that is only ONE subway stop away from my apartment. What Google Maps failed to point out to me, however, is that the quick few blocks I had to walk from the subway station involved tromping through a park and climbing 4 flights of snow-covered concrete stairs. By the time I found the WS, my makeup was gone, my feet were freezing, and my hair was as wet as it was when I got out of the shower this morning. Except A WHOLE LOT COLDER. Oh, and I was grumpy. Go figure.

Quesadillas and Mexican Fanta in an extremely authentic restaurant (thank you, Harlem) and gossip and girl talk with the Wise Sop healed the pain mightily. As did a quick trip to Macy's for my new puffy down jacket (with a HOOD) at a drastically reduced sale price. And a glass of wine and soup with a friend. And curling up in the cozy living room in my pjs with DancerMan bringing me tea and orange slices on a tray.

And now here I am, all warm and comfy in my bed, my Kindle patiently waiting for me to finish blogging so I can get back to reading, and I'm feeling like I might never be cold and wet again.

Because surely the snow won't really affect me tomorrow, now that I have my new coat. Right?


  1. Congrats on surviving - we got almost no snow up here in Boston. Sounds like despite the auspicious start, the day didn't turn out too badly...

    p.s. which Kindle did you get?

  2. Great survival story. And you tell it with such a glow.
    Thank you. Would love to see a photo of your new comfy coat. Grandma


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