Always look on the bright side

It's been a rough week for no good reason. My work days seem to be filled with frustrating bang your head against the wall moments. I feel like I spend half my life waiting on subway platforms (including today after work when I apparently forgot how to read and got on a train going the wrong direction—oops), and the weather here is truly horrible. Not to mention the 1642 miles between CameraMan and me—I'm feeling every one. I flip flop between wanting to fly home to Houston and wanting to just hole up in my Bronx apartment eating comfort food in my pjs. I'm doing neither. I'm whining instead, but even I'm growing tired of listening to it. There are actually lots of happy-making things in my life. Forthwith, a list:
  • My cute AND practical snow boots. However many ankle-deep puddles I step into (TOO MANY), my feet stay warm and dry.

  • CameraMan's sweet voice on my voicemail. And text messages. And emails. And video chats. Definitely the most important item on this list.

  • Levain cookies warm from the oven.

  • My iPhone playing this month's Bossy Beat Club mix.

  • My Kindle. I'm currently reading a very fun book. It's making me want to write real letters with a pen.

  • Looking forward to Vienna. Reading books, watching travel documentaries, eating weisswurst, studying German, and BUYING OUR PLANE TICKETS!

This is probably a boring post for you readers, but actively thinking about the good things has actually made me feel better. Tomorrow will bring more: clean laundry from the wash and fold, breakfast with the Wise Soprano, another chance to test my memory of 76 choristers who don't wear nametags, and a night in with this movie or this one. Maybe even a real blog post with writing and everything.


  1. I found this blog especially compelling. The entire spectrum of your thoughts/feelings are on display, with the flexibility and ability to create contentment within the brackets of your own reality.
    Such a great example of making beauty out of WHAT IS!
    Always, your fan, Grandma

  2. Uh, just a tiny bit of information: Weisswurst is so NOT Austian. It´s a totally Bavarian thing. You may be able to buy and eat Weisswürste all over the world, but please never believe that this is the real thing. You will taste the difference when you ever try it in Munich. Which is only a one hour flight or a 3,5 hours train ride from Vienna and has two great opera houses with lots of work for great directors/musicians. And it is very cat friendly. Oh, btw, not a boring post at all, but a very moving one.

  3. If only you were in Wien you could be experiencing trübes und nasses Wetter. But on Sunday you could expect Abwechselnd Wolken und Sonne.


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