Remember this? Second time around it didn't turn out quite so well; apparently I didn't use enough butter to grease the pan. Didn't stop me from eating it, of course—just from sharing it.

The Bossy Cat, looking regal and exotic, don't you think?

I was sitting on the lawn at the opera with one of my friends when this prehistoric creature the size of my hand landed on my friend's leg. He wouldn't let me leave it there while I photographed it, but the creature seemed content to sit on the grass next to his leg while I found its best angle. THIS is why I bring my camera everywhere.


It had been FOREVER since I last got a pedicure, but it didn't take any convincing to get me into the chair next to Princess J's for some gossip and pampering. I do enjoy being a girl.

Our first performance of Cenerentola was a great success. These are our not-at-all-ugly stepsisters and our fabulous director, cutting loose at the after-party.

Apparently this haze settles over the lake most mornings; I'm just usually not out to see it. I'm so glad I didn't miss it, though. It sure is beautiful here.


The classic game of cat and mouse is played on my bed at all times of the day and night. In this stage, she pretends to ignore the mouse, just to see what he'll do. Usually, not much.

The opera company has a softball team with a variable roster, and they play in a league with other community groups. On Wednesday, I went to a remarkably short game in which we lost, despite bleachers full of eager (read: loud) fans. We even had our own cheer: Trout trout! Bass bass! Let's go, Glimmerglass! Catchy, huh?

Dinner for one. Sigh. Thank goodness for delicious recipes.


For CameraMan's last night here, we spent the night in Albany. We took in a movie, ate dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, and relaxed in our lovely hotel room. It was nice to get back to civilization for an evening.

In this 365 project, some days are more successful than others. This is my favorite soap. The end.

We may have found the Cooperstown equivalent of Clyde's. Alex & Ika's has a great wine list, yummy cocktails, bartenders that will stay open for us, and these incredible fingerling potatoes with chipotle aioli that have to be tasted to be believed. Stop by some night—chances are I'll be there.


This is what it looks like here ALL THE TIME. Just saying.

CameraMan came to visit for a long weekend, and pretty much made every single moment better by being here. It was so good to be us again instead of just me. I'm missing him like crazy now.

We had lunch with The Prodigy at the neighborhood cider mill. Pulled pork sandwiches, pie à la mode, and a view of these ridiculously coiffed ducks.


When I don't know what to photograph, I take a picture of my cat. Can you blame me?

Yeah, there is a lot of water being drunk at an opera house. A lot.

PiGuy (my roommate for the summer) refers to this as "the green light of happiness." Since it means we now have high-speed internet at home, I have to concur.


CameraMan was just here for the weekend, and when we drove around the area (which was a lot, because that's what you do here), he was fond of saying, "Oh, look. It's a little slice of Americana" every time we passed a cow, or a truck bed full of hay bales, or a small child running through a sprinkler, or a small sign reading "Fresh Eggs." He's not wrong; pretty much any moment here could be characterized as "a little slice of Americana," especially if you use the popular definition of "Americana," meaning "1954." But I was wishing he could have been here a week earlier, for the rather large slice of Americana I experienced at the 4th of July parade in Springfield Center, NY.

Luckily, the Wise Soprano was in town for a visit, so there was a witness to the incredible display of rural small-town America. The theme this year was Red, White, and Blue…and Green, which manifested itself through floats decorated in recycled bottles, volunteers passing out small plants, children riding bicycles while encased in cardboard boxes that said "Recycle," and one float urging us to "Recycle our lives in Jesus." Apparently it did not, however, mean that Hummers could not drive in the parade.

The main thrust of the parade consisted of fire trucks and the volunteer fire departments from every village in the surrounding areas (each was announced as being "followed by their apparatus," which caused many a snicker among us sophisticated opera folk). Most towns had a "Fire Queen" who rode on the truck in a gown, doing her best elbow-elbow-wrist-wrist wave.

I don't want to sound like I'm mocking the event; quite honestly, I loved it. It made me nostalgic for the summers of my childhood, when we (and everyone else in town) would go to the park with a blanket and a picnic and listen to the "1812 Overture" and watch fireworks. It's been a long time since I've done the small town thing, and though I've complained of boredom this summer to anyone who will listen (My Gay Husband said on the phone the other day, "I knew things were bad when you were excited to find a Barnes & Noble), I can appreciate the appeal of living in a small or big slice of Americana.

But for now, all I have to contribute is a camera, a few dozen snarky comments, and just a little bit of holiday-themed clothing.


Another antiquey detail from my summer house: this is the living room chandelier, complete with cobwebs.

This is a little something I've added to the house. I like to think it improves the ambience. What do you think?

Being out in the country brings out my domestic side. Freshly baked banana bread with chocolate chips and candied ginger. Delicious.


You never know what you're going to find when you pay a visit to a prop shop...

As I always do during the summer, I've been reading. Voraciously. These are the books I've finished since I got here, and I'm already in the middle of another one. If you're looking for something to read, I highly HIGHLY recommend Olive Kitteridge and The Magnificent Ambersons.


On my free day, I drove 45 minutes to the bustling metropolis of… New Hartford, NY. I saw a beautiful movie (with 3-D glasses, no less!), picked up some essentials at Target (it's the closest one), had dinner and a yummy chocolate chip cookie at Panera, and browsed the shelves at Barnes & Noble. Doesn't sound like much, but it was a nice change.

And then back to the country! We generally have 2-hour dinner breaks, and when I can I like to take my dinner, my camera, and a book down to the lake and sit on a bench. This little boy fishing caught my eye, and I snapped a few pictures while trying not to look too much like a weirdo.


The town where we've been rehearsing is extremely touristy, but it's catering to a very specific subset of tourists: baseball fans. It seems like every shop or restaurant has a clever name like "Bases Loaded" or "Extra Innings" or "The Shortstop." For those of us who attend baseball games primarily for the beer and hot dogs (and the ambience, of course), it's a little much. Exploring downtown the other day, I was totally charmed by these guys who, as far as I know, have nothing at all to do with baseball.

I thought my house was a little overdecorated until I visited Princess J's home for the summer. Clearly owned by someone who is a "collector," there are cabinets full of china horses, Santa Claus mice, and even drinking glasses featuring nudie pics circa 1970. This much tamer item sits on the mantelpiece.


The house I'm living in for the summer is decorated with a capital D. It's not really my style, but it suits the house, and I'm kind of enjoying it.

I've gotten into the habit of sending a picture of The Bossy Cat to CameraMan every morning, usually taken on my phone. This one was so cute/ridiculous that I had to share it with you, too.


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