Peer Pressure List, Vol. 19

That's right, it's back: The Peer Pressure List. Every Sunday, I'll share five things making me happy that just might make you happy, too.

  • Neutrogena Triple Moisture Hair Mask: I've been using this hair mask once or twice a week for the past couple months, and I love how shiny and silky it makes my hair. And as a girl with admittedly expensive tastes, I also love that it's cheap, available at the drugstore, and lasts a really long time. I keep hoping that shiny hair will distract from my unsightly dark roots, but all evidence to the contrary.

  • The Best American Travel Writing 2009: I buy these books every year, and I ration out the essays for as long as I can stand it because I enjoy them so much.

  • CameraBag for iPhone: I am having fun exploring this great camera app for the iPhone (recently mentioned in the NY Times). It's hard to be unobtrusive among friends when I break out my giant DSLR, so sometimes it's nice to fly under the radar with the iPhone camera. I took this pic last night at a dinner party:

  • XOCO: One of the most delicious Chicago restaurants I have eaten in since I arrived. I had a lime agua fresca and a torta with smoked ham, bacon, avocado, cheese, and a cilantro crema. I followed that up with churros and one of their incredible hot chocolates. If you are a Chicagoan, eat there immediately.

  • Kittens: It started with the Airstream Diva's adorable pictures, and it has only escalated since I saw this video. I have full-on kitten fever, I admit it. I can't help it.

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  1. Great blog with all the enticing
    inserts. Really a panoramic
    experience of some of the wonders of Little Ms. Bossy.

    Always a fan,


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