Not having a television growing up (blame it on the hippies) gave me a great love of reading, the ability to play board games opposite myself, and endless hours of backyard playtime. It also gave me a large gap in my pop culture references, because besides afternoons at my best friend's house watching Punky Brewster, Full House, and Saved by the Bell, I didn't have much exposure to TV until high school.

Well, now I'm making up for lost time. I love so much of what's on TV now (and a few recently canceled shows—REALLY, PUSHING DAISIES???), and I don't even want to talk about how many hours I've logged on the couch watching my favorite shows. I DVR, I Hulu, I Netflix TV on DVD…I do it all. Currently my tastes are turning toward quirky comedies, most of which, coincidentally, air on Thursday nights. I would like to turn your attention to my 3 faves of the fall:

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I don't always watch the videos people post on their blogs, so if you don't want to watch all of these, please at least watch the first one. This video pretty much sums up everything I love about this ridiculous show, and it has cheered me greatly on several hard days in the past few weeks.

Community. I started watching this one a few episodes in, but now I'm hooked. This little clip, while awesome, is lacking my favorite part of this show: Joel McHale. Hubba hubba. He's smart.

30 Rock. This show gets funnier all the time, despite my growing fear that I might actually BE Liz Lemon. Although, I guess that would work out pretty well, since Tina Fey is CameraMan's #2 celebrity crush. I don't think being his #1 celebrity crush is quite so attainable for me.

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