Love: Chicago. I think I may have found MY city (although we can revisit this topic when the real winter kicks in). Living downtown is an incredible luxury—being steps away from Millennium Park, the river, the lake, and an easy walk to work is an unparalleled thrill, and I'm so glad I splurged on this apartment for what will most likely be a once in a lifetime experience.

Hate: Being so far away from CameraMan. At the moment we're 4 months into a 6-month separation, and though we've been doing really well up to now, we're both starting to feel the distance. Now that my show's open, I've had some time. I spent all last week being a tourist: museums, the aquarium, and an architectural river cruise (pictures to come, I promise). As much as I enjoyed it all, it made me miss CM something fierce, because I know it would have all been much more fun together. And it seems like every few days something happens with our Houston apartment, and I can't help because I'm far away. None of this is anything new to most people in our business, but it's new to us, and we're finding our way through it.

Love: Taking pictures. My camera has become my almost constant companion, and I might be finally learning how to really use it. And I'm having lots of fun exploring Lightroom and all its photo editing magic. For me, there is no better way to discover a new city than through a lens, and while no substitute for CameraMAN, my camera is doing a pretty good job keeping me company.

Hate: My 365 project. Yes, HATE. I know this is going to be a controversial decision (for the three of you who care), but I've decided to put the project on hold indefinitely. It already accomplished my primary goal, which was to get me into the habit of bringing my camera with me, and of taking pictures of the defining moments of my life. I suppose I could keep going just because I've come this far, but at this point I'm not getting any enjoyment out of it. It's become a chore, and I'm ending up with a lot of uninteresting pictures I'm not proud of. Also, I really miss writing in this space, and at least right now, I don't think I can maintain both. So... it's over. For now. I will still take lots of pictures, and I will still post some of them here. But probably not every day. And I'm happy about it.

Love: Laughing Cow cheese: seriously, how can this creamy amazingness be 35 calories? Boots. Jillian Michaels. Flowers from CM. My birthday. Cool, crisp autumn weather. Cashmere. Getting skinnier. Vanity Fair. Tanqueray and tonics. Glee. Janacek. Foodie dinner parties. Public transportation.

I think I might be back.


  1. A few thoughts:

    Chicago is a wonderful city and I'm glad you're having fun.

    Being far away from CameraMan isn't fun, but think of it this way, you're over halfway to being HOME. :) 4/6 isn't bad.

    I'm glad you're enjoying your camera and learning more about it. I'm enjoying taking the time to do the same, despite my schedule.

    In re the 365 project - good for you on starting the project, maintaining the project and walking away from it when it no longer served its purpose. Look how far you made it (at least 270 days). I'm at day 140 or so and we'll see how long I make it. But I know what you mean about 'uninteresting' pictures. I have some other ideas if you want to have a project that doesn't have quite the restrictions of 365.

    Welcome back!

  2. But I love your pictures!
    And your writing.......

  3. I loved Chicago although I don't think I could survive the winter. I also know that I would never be able to afford to live downtown, but I know how beautiful that area is. And a big thumbs up for public transportation and a walkable city. What an amazing difference that makes.

    I think you are right to walk away from 365 if you start hating it. No photo project should make you hate to take pictures. If you feel like you need a project structure you could always do one a week or "yellow" or something like that. I do mirror projects, but not on any specific schedule.

    I will say though that I will miss you on Twitter.

  4. I will miss the pictures but I think I missed the writing even more. I noticed I was really happy to see a longer piece of writing with no picture. Maybe you can figure out a nice balance to keep your fan base happy. :)


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