I've been taking advantage of the Art Institute's free Thursday evenings when I can, and it's really the best way to do it. When I pay to go to a museum, I feel obliged to get my money's worth, and I end up enjoying myself less. When it's free, I'm happy to pop in and see whatever I feel like and leave when I want to. At the moment they have a gorgeous special exhibit of Japanese screens. I'd love to fill my home with these.

It's really not a very good story—a lot of back and forth with apartment management involving a mailbox key that didn't work on my mailbox. The important part of the story is that after 12 (TWELVE!) days of not being able to check my mail, I finally did, and this is what I found. Sweet, sweet Netflix.

Another weekend, another incredible dinner with friends new and old. Apparently the pianists in this city are all gourmet chefs. Maybe the ones in Houston should follow suit. Hint, hint.

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