That's right, I missed two days in a row. I actually contemplated giving up the project all together, but CameraMan convinced me that all I needed was a change of scenery. Which is coming very very soon.

It was good to have the whole family back together again, if only for a couple days. The Bossy Cat's been missing her Catdaddy.

Another whirlwind trip, this time to Chicago to tech Katya Kabanova. The Best Friend graciously picked me up from the airport, forgave me for getting us lost on the way home, and then served me wine and Camembert. These little flip-flops are her ridiculous and adorable wine coasters. Amazing, right?


  1. Don't give up on the project, you've come so far!

  2. Don't give up! You are so close to finishing. I can't even do 52 weeks for more than 7 weeks and look how much you've done. Hang in there.

  3. Thanks for the support, ladies. I know it would be silly to give up now that I've gotten this far. I'm sticking it out!


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