I never tire of photographing my beautiful cat, but just in case you're tired of looking at them, you'll be happy to know that I only have a week left with her before I leave her with CameraMan for a few months. I'll have to find a new late-night default subject.

Princess J had people over for shrimp étouffée, and I got to be the sous chef! WienerLover and The Almost German were in town for the weekend, and fun was had by all…except the idiot who drank too much and only vaguely remembers the fun part of the evening. Ahem.

Apparently the perfect cure for a hangover is greasy food, shakes, and trashy mini golf. Thank you, Mister Shake!


I had such a great couple days in Chicago. I have always loved the city and thought I would enjoy living there (see #72 on my list), and working at this company has always been on my career wishlist. I'll be there for 3 1/2 months this fall, and I could not be more excited.

My flight out of Chicago was at 6am, so to save myself some hassle and buy myself some extra sleep, I got a hotel room by the airport. I have lately become very enamored of the Holiday Inn Express as my hotel of choice. They're reasonably priced, they always have free wi-fi, and they have the BEST beds. With a choice of pillow firmness, no less. The bed was so comfortable I had a very difficult time getting out of it. Of course, they might have been because it was 4:30 in the morning.

It was cold and rainy here all summer, until suddenly, in the middle of August, it wasn't. It got hot. It's been a long time since I lived somewhere without air conditioning in the summer, and when it's hot there's really only one solution: ice cream. I've been eating it every day. It's a good thing I'm returning to the land of central a/c—I think I might be getting fat.


That's right, I missed two days in a row. I actually contemplated giving up the project all together, but CameraMan convinced me that all I needed was a change of scenery. Which is coming very very soon.

It was good to have the whole family back together again, if only for a couple days. The Bossy Cat's been missing her Catdaddy.

Another whirlwind trip, this time to Chicago to tech Katya Kabanova. The Best Friend graciously picked me up from the airport, forgave me for getting us lost on the way home, and then served me wine and Camembert. These little flip-flops are her ridiculous and adorable wine coasters. Amazing, right?


It's amazing what a difference 12 weeks makes. Isn't she beautiful?

I would like to present to you the perfect carry-on suitcase. Roomier than it looks, expandable, full of pockets exactly where you want them, 4 smart wheels, and cuter than a suitcase has any right to be.

Oops, I did it again. It's getting hard to find subjects for photos up here in the great North. It's clearly time to go home. Thank goodness CameraMan came to town to take my failure portrait.


I haven't been drinking much here, mainly because I'm apart from my boyfriend the lush, but every once in a while, it's just one of those nights, what The New Oregonian refers to as a "night of four beers."

Around 6 or 7 o'clock every night, the roadsides fill with deer, and I drive much, much slower. During this particular drive, I stopped twice to take a pictures of some particularly photogenic (and not at all camera shy) cuties.

I went down to NYC for a quick 36 hours which involved a day of tech for Hamlet and some bonding with the baby mamas in my life. Princess J came along for the ride and the free hotel room, pictured here. I should point out that this was only one room in our sweet SUITE on the UWS. I could get used to this.


My ladylike kitten likes to cross her paws at the wrist. How cute is that?

Another great Cenerentola performance, another shot of the bows from backstage.

There have been countless times here that I have been so overwhelmed by the beautiful scenery that I've had to pull off the road and break out my camera. Hazard lights are a very good thing.


I don't have a washing machine at my place this summer, so Laundry/Movie Night (with plenty of girl talk sprinkled in) at Princess J's house has become a weekly tradition.

I managed to get down to the Trap for about 36 restorative hours, during which I caught a show, hung out with great old friends, saw improv opera in the woods, and canoodled with my CameraMan. It was totally worth the 14 hours of driving.

We have purchased THE SOFTEST BLANKET IN THE WORLD. Seriously. IN THE WORLD. Jealous?


Cenerentola performance #2. Pictured here are the fabulous chorus boys during the bows.

This is one of my favorite Bossy Cat expressions: What? Why are you staring at me like that?

Cenerentola #3. Pictured here is my favorite prop, a globe made from scratch by our amazing artist carpenter. If I drove a bigger car I might try to smuggle it home with me at the end of the summer.


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