The town where we've been rehearsing is extremely touristy, but it's catering to a very specific subset of tourists: baseball fans. It seems like every shop or restaurant has a clever name like "Bases Loaded" or "Extra Innings" or "The Shortstop." For those of us who attend baseball games primarily for the beer and hot dogs (and the ambience, of course), it's a little much. Exploring downtown the other day, I was totally charmed by these guys who, as far as I know, have nothing at all to do with baseball.

I thought my house was a little overdecorated until I visited Princess J's home for the summer. Clearly owned by someone who is a "collector," there are cabinets full of china horses, Santa Claus mice, and even drinking glasses featuring nudie pics circa 1970. This much tamer item sits on the mantelpiece.

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