Peer Pressure List, Vol. 16

  • Pinkberry: I finally had this delicious frozen yogurt on my very last night in NYC (one of the coldest nights in the 2 months I was there), and I have to say, it lived up to all the hype. I recommend the green tea flavor, and I recommend it for a warm day.

  • Taxis: I was so good the entire time I was in New York, dutifully taking the subway every day to and from work. But at 1 AM after opening night, I walked to the subway, swiped my Metrocard, thought about it for a moment, walked right back out again, and hailed a cab. I was so glad I did. It felt amazing to relax in the back of a taxi, chat to CM on the phone, and get dropped off at my door. If ever there was a time to splurge, it's opening night at the Met.

  • High Fashion Home: Houston is chock-a-block full of furniture stores, but this one's different. An eclectic mix of styles and price points, the furniture here ranges from the lovely to the absurd. We bought a gorgeous sideboard cabinet thingy for all our glassware, and I love it.

  • DVR: I know, I know, I gave up TiVo a long time ago. But then I was a homeless nomad for a really long time, and now that I'm not (Oh, didn't I tell you? More details to come, I promise), I want all the comforts of home. Including digital cable and DVR. Oh, Jon Stewart and Rachel Maddow and Gossip Girl and Jim The Office, I will never have to miss you again.

  • Houston: I had an incredible time in New York. I loved being in the city and working at the Met and catching up with dear friends and painting the town red. I did. But coming home was like breathing a big sigh of relief. I could not be happier to be here with my kitten and my CameraMan and my incredible friends. Oh, and the 80° weather, obvs.

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