Get thee to the movies

Remember when my show at the Met opened? If you're a good little opera aficionado (or even an especially dedicated Little Ms. Bossy aficionado), you probably read the reviews, trolled the opera blogs, and watched that infamous YouTube clip at least twice.

And maybe you thought, Those darn purists can't handle anything nontraditional! or What a travesty! How could someone do that to the great Bellini? or Who cares? It's just opera. Whatever went through your mind, you have a chance to form your own opinion. Today!!

The HD Broadcast of La Sonnambula is in movie theaters today LIVE at 1pm eastern. You can find a list of movie theaters here. As an added bonus, if you stay 'til the end you can see my name scroll by in the credits.



  1. We saw it! Your name scrolled by! We had popcorn! It was fantastic!

  2. We did stay, and we saw your name in BIG LETTERS. (Bigger than expected, since we ended up in the 4th row, although we gave ourselves that extra time buffer to get there 30 minutes early). Congratulations!
    Having read all the reviews, I was expecting a full-blown travesty. What I saw was a brilliantly realized production. Although sometimes a bit distracted by the staging from the exceptional singing and acting, I had no problem navigating the layers of rehearsal room, stage, and Swiss village.
    Some of the out-of-the-pit [?] shots looked awkward, but I enjoyed seeing chorus members close up, rather than as an indistinct mass in the distance.
    Is Peter Gelb’s vision right? It may be just that.


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