Peer Pressure List, Vol. 14

  • Mike Birbiglia: I've laughed out loud listening to this guy on This American Life, so I was excited when I heard he was doing a show in New York. I took CameraMan to see him last night, and we laughed for about 90 minutes straight. I cannot overstate how great this show was. Go see it if you can, and if not, download his comedy from iTunes. Incidentally, I happen to know he Googles himself regularly…hi, Mike.

  • Dark chocolate Toblerone: I didn't even know this existed until some evil person started bringing them regularly to share at work. Now I'm addicted. You will be, too.

  • Lush bath melts: This is undoubtedly too much information about me, but before Thursday, I hadn't shaved my legs in a month. Gross. I know. A combination of winter and distance from CM made me just that lazy. Thursday was the big night to finally shave, so I bought one of these to take a long relaxing bath. After about 30 minutes in the tub, my skin was clean and sweet-smelling and so so soft. Also hair-free. I recommend the bath melt in Dreamtime.

  • This free (yes, FREE!) money-management software is amazing. I've been making a big effort to get out of credit card debt, and I like seeing where I spend my money without having to think about it constantly. automatically downloads all my transactions from my accounts, organizes them, and tells me where all my money is disappearing to. And did I mention it's free?

  • Greenwich Village: I haven't spent that much time in the Village since I got here, mainly because I live in the Bronx, but CM and I spent the evening there last night and I just loved it. So many adorable shops and hole-in-the-wall restaurants. I think it might rival the UWS for the title of my fave neighborhood. If you're there, check out the Corner Shop CafĂ©. Love it.


My 365 project seems to have temporarily replaced blogging as my preferred method of sharing my day-to-day life on the internet. I'm enjoying it so much, even on the nights that I arrive home exhausted, realize I haven't taken any pictures that day, and have to scrounge up something in my apartment to photograph.

I'll be back to blogging soon, though, have no fear. I've still got things to say.

In the meantime, here are my latest pictures. Check out the flickr set to see them bigger and read my random thoughts.

Peer Pressure List, Vol. 13

  • Wash and fold laundry service: For 70 cents a pound, I can take my laundry around the corner in the morning and have it washed, dried, and folded for me by that evening when I get home from work. Why would I ever do my own laundry?

  • Their tagline is "ecards for when you care enough to hit send." It's true that it doesn't get much lower maintenance than an ecard, but if you're going to send one, this is the place to get it. Irreverent, hilarious, and often obscene, there are cards to fit any occasion. CM received one for V-Day, of course.

  • Thoroughly Modern Millie: I saw the Broadway musical a few years ago (with the incomparable Sutton Foster), but I had never seen the movie, starring Julie Andrews and Mary Tyler Moore. It's ridiculous. Completely ridiculous, but amazing. The very best part is Carol Channing, who does some craaaaazy dancing. It's a must-see.

  • This ingenious website is a one-stop destination for food delivery in Manhattan (and 13 other cities—they're even expanding into Houston!). It makes ordering food so easy, and this week when we had intense winds, it was so much better to stay inside and order in than brave the weather to go out.

  • Screen sharing in iChat: When we're apart, CM and I spend a lot of time on iChat. During our V-Day iChat date, we discovered the screen sharing tool. CM was able to show me (in NYC) a photo album on his computer (in Houston). I never cease to be amazed by technology.

Peer Pressure List, Vol. 12

  • Law & Order: On 2 separate days this week I did not leave my apartment because of my cold. L & O helped make that possible.

  • Mucinex: The best thing ever for a cold. You can actually feel it working within 30 minutes of taking it.

  • Vicky Cristina Barcelona: It just came out on DVD and has served only to confirm my belief that Woody Allen movies, especially the recent ones, are always better when Woody himself is not in them. See, for example: Match Point vs. Scoop. This one is lovely and makes me want to go to Barcelona ASAP.

  • This is the best travel planning website I have found. It checks all the airline sites, as well as Travelocity, Expedia, etc. I'm attempting to plan an exciting trip that will help me cross of at least 2 items on my List. Details to come.

  • The Office "Stress Relief": The best episode this season. Even if you don't watch the show regularly, please please PLEASE watch the first 4 minutes and 30 seconds of this clip. Hilarious, I tell you.


My 365 project continues on apace. As always, you can see them bigger (and with narrative!) here.

Peer Pressure List, Vol. 11

  • Bogs boots: One of the essentials of New York winter is a good pair of rain/snow boots, because every time it snows it turns into a horrible, disgusting, slushy mess on the ground. I happened on this Oregon company while browsing online for good ones, and I absolutely love them. The kind I got are pictured on their homepage, but for a shot of mine, you can go here.

  • Shiseido concealer: I don't wear foundation, so I'm always looking for a good concealer. This is the ONLY one I have found that is not too dark for my freakishly pale skin. For all you ghostly ladies out there, this is the concealer for you.

  • This YouTube video: CameraMan emailed me this link, and I cannot get enough of it. He's probably regretting it now, because for every birthday and Christmas from now on I'll be asking for a baby giraffe.

  • Bar Centrale: Lovely atmosphere, and apparently this is where Jeremy Irons hangs out on Thursdays. This week, at least. Ahem.

  • iPhone Tetris: I haven't played Tetris this much since 1993, but it's the perfect activity for boring subway rides. Just don't forget to turn down the Russian theme music.


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