Peer Pressure List, Vol. 9

  • Strangers with Candy: My roommate DancerMan introduced me to this ridiculously funny show. I haven't laughed so hard in a long long time, and I can't help but wonder what kind of crazy family could produce both David and Amy Sedaris.

  • Cait Doyle's Hot Mess in Manhattan: My Gay Husband brought me to this cabaret show, and despite the horrifying comedian who opened, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Cait Doyle is adorable, lovable, and so talented. If you're in NYC, go see her show on Friday; it's the last time it's playing!

  • Thinsulate: Yeah, it's been cold here. Really, really cold. Thank goodness for my Thinsulate-lined coat and gloves.

  • Netflix Instant Play: This feature just recently went live for Macs, and I watched my first Instant movie today. It's amazing! You can watch as many as you want, on top of your regular subscription, and there are lots of movies available. I'm loving this new way to use my computer.

  • Christina Courtin: I saw Christina Courtin perform last week with Gabriel Kahane, and since then I've been listening to her CD nonstop on my iPod. My fave song is "Foreign Country," which makes me want to dance when I listen to it on the subway.

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  1. yay for netflix on macs! finally, right? it's awesome, and also very useful in knocking a lot of crappy movies off my list.


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