Filing a complaint

Dear Weather Gods,

It may seem like hubris to complain about the weather here in Houston when Mom and Pop Bossy have been snowed in all week in Oregon and the upper Midwest is getting some kind of blizzard tonight, but still, I have to ask…what the hell are you doing up there?

Twice in as many weeks we've been forced to turn on both the heat and the air conditioning on the same day. We've flip-flopped from 78° highs to 30° lows. As I write this, the humidity is 93% and I'm sweating in my short-sleeved shirt. A few days ago, I was wearing my new Thinsulate-lined coat and wishing I'd brought my earmuffs. I've been looking forward to ice skating in Discovery Green since it opened, but when we went there Wednesday evening, the fog was so dense it made my jacket wet and there were puddles of water on the ice. Instead of skating, we went inside for mojitos.

And I assume it's no coincidence that it snowed in Houston for the first time in four years on the one night we were out of town in Dallas, and then snowed in Las Vegas in the heaviest snowfall since ’79 less than a week before we arrive there. I wasn't even dreaming of a white Christmas, but I still don't like being taunted with it. If this is your idea of a joke, I can tell you one thing.

I'm not laughing.

Humid in Houston


  1. I just scraped off and shoveled out my car, attempted to park on the side of the street that will not be plowed tomorrow, got stuck again, shoveled more, and then finally parked several blocks away on a street that had less snow. Ask me if I feel sorry for you.

  2. Ummm.... do you feel sorry for me? :)

  3. The weather has been nuts. It's going to be 80 today and 40 tomorrow and high 30s the day after that, yet the guy on TV just said the high on Christmas day would be 70. Talk about roller coaster.

  4. The problem is you think there is more than one weather god so of course they are fighting and dragging air masses around randomly.


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