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What started as a mild sore throat the Saturday after Thanksgiving had developed into a full on head cold by Tuesday morning, dropping me into a fog so thick that I'm only just now starting to see my way clear of it. I've spent the week waking up unable to breathe from all the congestion, staying in bed or on the couch miserable for most of the day, getting my hopes up during a couple good late afternoon hours, and going to bed with a persistent dry cough that keeps me up half the night. My patent pending Mucinex/Tylenol Cold/Zicam drug cocktail doesn't seem to be working as quickly as it has in the past, so I'm stuck at home, lazing my days away and not enjoying it one bit.

Thank goodness for boyfriends. You should definitely get one, if for nothing else than to take care of you when you're sick. Poor CameraMan has been working overtime, what with his real job and all the pampering combined. This week I've had breakfast in bed, cold medicine and orange juice on a platter, and my choice on movie nights. He slept on the couch one night so that I could cough my lungs out while sprawled over the whole bed (minus the surprisingly large portion the Bossy Cat takes up). And he even managed to tell me with a straight face several times that I looked cute when I was sick.

Also, thank goodness for time off, so I can actually recuperate. And for tea, all kinds, so comforting on a sore throat. And for snuggly cats. And Netflix. And down comforters. And Advil PM.

And now that I'm almost ready to rejoin the land of the living, I might try rejoining the land of the blogging while I'm at it.


  1. Try this: The juice of half a lemon plus hot water and honey to taste. Very soothing.

  2. I'm sorry you've not been feeling well, but I'm glad you have had CM to take care of you! He's the best!

    And welcome back to blogging!

  3. Thanks for the recipes and the get well wishes!


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